We had the honor to make the official event movie of 'De Slag om Vrede' (The Battle for Peace)!

War, fireworks, theater and amain music. Starring 120 musicians, 200 military, 20 actors, 10 dancers and 45 children' s choir members. The music was written by Junkie XL and performed in collaboration with the Metropole Orchestra.

The unique location (The roof of the A2, one of the most important dutch highways) was filled with over 14,000 people. This movie is a keepsake of this epic show and beautiful day.

Client: Vrede van Utrecht
Show written and directed by Luca Andrea Stappers
Show Produced by Wink Experience Architects
Video Production by Bart Maalderink

D.O.P.: Michael Zomer - Kraakhelder Productions
Filmed by Michael Zomer, Emiel Strzesweski, Tom van Hoof and Bart Maalderink
Audiorecordings show by Barny Pronk - Beetronik
Edit, Sounddesign and Color Correction by Bart Maalderink
Music Written and composed by Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL)
A Special Thanks to Wink Experience Architects, Videobrix and Cameragrip.nl